Teaching and Research Portfolio

Welcome to my teaching and research portfolio. The purpose of this site is to showcase my teaching philosophy and experience, and to detail my research interests.

I am a postdoctoral associate at Cornell University, situated in the beautiful Fingerlakes region of New York, USA. I study various applications of gravitation, primarily regarding cosmology and cosmic strings. Details of my education and academic experience are provided in the education page.


The teaching section of this website describes my approach to teaching at the university level. I provide a teaching philosophy statement, and annotate the reasoning behind different aspects of this statement. I discuss my approach to course design, and provide an example syllabus for a hypothetical physics course at the undergraduate level. I also describe what assessment strategies I think are effective, and provide an evaluation of my teaching experiences, from both my own perspective and the perspective of my students. Finally, I discuss my approach to professional development with regards to teaching.

I have helped teach a number of courses as a teaching assistant. In the courses section of this website, I describe what courses I have taught, and provide artifacts of teaching from those courses. Where available, I also describe what evaluations I received from those courses.

All documents on this website were produced by me, and are provided here as evidence of my teaching experience.


I am primarily interested in modified theories of gravity, which if true, would have implications on our understanding of physics on both cosmological scales and high energy scales. However, typically speaking, anything describing fundamental physics excites me. The research section of my website describes my research interests and work. A list of publications is also provided, as well as downloads of presentations and seminars that I have given.